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about boat

Baltic Sea Charters

Targa 37 is more than an ordinary boat and best option for Baltic Sea charters. This watercraft will satisfy all people those who are sophisticated and experienced long-distance travelers and those vacationers who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Targa 37 boat has optimal technical data, eye appealing interior and exterior. Moreover not just standard equipment is available but also an extra noteworthy equipment and other options.

One of the many good internals of Targa 37 boat is the clearest scanning sonar of Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar technologies. ClearVü Scanning Sonar includes DownVü, SideVü, a Panoptix ™ aerial view and CHIRP Sonar Technology. This sophisticated technology is ideal for those who love fishing and boating. Enjoy 3D view of underwater world in real-time. Amateurs can experience Sea floor cartography.

Drivers will be able to charge the gear using AC220V generator and leisure travelers will be entertained with Hi-Fi and TV.

Targa 37 ain’t afraid of any weather conditions. Twin Yanmar V8 engines delivers 740 HP power. This boat can reach speed of 40 knots.

From power, steadiness and reliability to aesthetics, modernity and smartness Targa 37 boat is created for your various needs.

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